Together, let's create a Smart Sustainable City.

We envision a world that is smarter, sustainable and more enjoyable thru technology.

Venture Builder

Lightweight Solutions envisions a smarter, sustainable and more enjoyable world thru technology. We believe in innovations and smart solutions that create valuable impact to improve the quality of life. We believe that it takes a collaborative effort to build a smart sustainable city and that it is possible through the unwavering vision of collaborators and continuous innovation. That is why we created Smart Playground, a venture builder for startup entrepreneurs to create valuable solutions and build a Smart and Sustainable City.

Innovative Solutions for SMEs and Enterprises

In Lightweight Solutions, we believe in developing and providing the simplest and most efficient technology to achieve smart sustainable goals for businesses and the public. Our team is equipped to develop and build the following:

Innovation: AI, IoT and ICT

Mobile Application

Website Development

UI/UX Design

Digital Marketing

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