A smart and simplified world.

This is what we imagine our world to be. As a tech company, we believed in simplified things. To do this, we need to step back and think of simpler and smarter solutions to every problem, one that would give the best answer to a challenge. We need to think deeper and differently, to find the ideal one that would simplify things. Technology doesn’t have to be complicated. We are simple human beings who want things to simply work and give efficient results. We want to spare you with complications and provide with ease and smarter way of handling things. We are after humanizing technology for you.

Our company, Lightweight Solutions, creates simple and efficient technology solutions for enterprises, startups and organizations to scale and make impact on their goals. Founded in 2008, Lightweight Solutions continuously proves to be an expert in the field of IT and has worked with numerous multinational and leading enterprises in the country creating various innovations, software solutions and tech products in the area of healthcare, finance, FMCG, real estate, education, entertainment, electrification etc. By building technologies with our partners, we continuously create and put together a place that we envision: a smart and sustainable city. We, at Lightweight Solution, envision a world that is smarter, better and more enjoyable thru simplified technology while making it sustainable for our children. We believe in innovations and smart solutions that create valuable impact to improve lifestyle and businesses while making a better world for our present and future generations. Let us do the heavy-lifting for you. Let us help you reach your goals. Let us simplify technology for you.

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Our team is very excited with our passion project in the NFT space called Street Geeks. It is a community for individuals who want to freely express themselves and what they are passionate about – no judgement! Each limited artwork honors personal uniqueness, celebrate the joys of diversity and embody self-love. Part of the proceeds shall go to the less privileged kids who want to cultivate their passions and finish school. We believe that every geek kid could make the world better and smarter.

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