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Does AI Kill Creatives? The emergence of AI-Generated Art

Image by Midjourney etüt 06 – alone in the dark (

An artist won first prize in the digital art category at the Fine Arts competition at Colorado State Fair using an AI-generated art platform called Midjourney and artists (and non-artist) are concerned with the news that many people saw the use of an AI art generator in an art competition as cheating. But what if it’s not cheating? What if using AI to generate art and other tools is just a new way of creating art and an exciting opportunity for artists to explore new creative possibilities or this would be the death of art?

Is it really cheating to use AI?

Some artists say that using an AI-generating art platform is cheating in an art competition because it’s unfair to the competitors who are not using AI Tool for their artwork. They argue that the use of AI to generate art is cheating because it’s not “real” art, and it was believed that the ai-generated artworks are just a mashup of different art styles or elements that was taken from different images on the internet therefore shouldn’t be allowed in competitions where artists are judged based on how well they create original works from scratch.

And also some artists are in favor of using AI-generated tools because it makes their work faster and more efficient than spending their time looking for inspiration or elements on the internet. Before the digital era, artists use pastiche in their paintings, music, writing, etc. by “stealing” from different artists and creating their own unique art style or genre.

In this digital era, artists are still using pastiche from different artworks and creating their own unique collages or mashups. For example, in music, several musicians in Tiktok create new songs by combining different genres of music into one song and creating a viral hit, another example is the Korean drama called The World of the Married and it became a hit in the Philippines but little did they know it was based on the British drama Dr. Foster.

So going back to the AI-generated artworks, what if the ai-tool is only using pastiche to gather images and art styles on the internet so that an artist has a good start in creating his/her artistic vision? Would you still call it cheating? It’s up to you if you to decide…

In fact, AI can be a wonderful tool for helping artists explore new ideas and push their craft forward in new ways. It doesn’t replace human creativity; it augments it by providing access to more options than ever before so we can keep challenging ourselves as artists.

Is it weird that this meme became into an ai reality? Just which the two panels and you will see.

One thing that an AI can’t generate; Creativity and Humanity

The debate about whether or not AI will replace any job has been debated for decades. But one thing that AI can’t generate is Creativity and Humanity. No matter how advanced AI becomes, it will never be able to replace one of the most important things that humans can do: showing compassion and empathy, being creative and innovative. While artificial intelligence may be able to help our lives easier but we also help our community to live in a smart and sustainable world.

AI is getting better in any industry not just in art and design. AI will be able to do many of the things that people do today—and it will do them faster, better, and cheaper. This means some jobs will be lost forever, but it also means that there are new jobs being created every day! And as AI becomes more common in our lives.

If you think that AI is going to kill creativity, you’re wrong. AI-generated platforms is just the beginning. It’s a tool that can be used by creatives to make their work more interesting and engaging. This technology will allow artists to push the boundaries of what they do, allowing them to create things we never thought were possible before. We might see new genres emerge as well as subgenres within those genres since there are so many possibilities now with AI tools available online today!

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