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Now You Know! Difference of Web Design vs Web Development

Did you know that it is also important to know the difference between web design vs web development? These may just be simple terms for some, but there are still a number of newbie developers out there  that are clueless on which is which. Are you one of them? Don’t feel bad about yourself and just continue reading through this article we have for you.

What is Web Design?

Let’s begin by defining these tech concepts before we start differentiating each of them. Web design is basically focused on your site’s visual aspects. These include your color schemes and web layout. You may also find other developers that consider the page’s typography and palettes to ensure that their websites are aesthetic and usable.

It is also crucial to look into your website’s UI and UX performance before claiming that your page has an ideal web design. Best to enroll with various web development certificate programs that can help you work on your storyboards and improve your site’s format.

Always remember that a good web design leads to high user experience scores. Apart from having pleasing site features, it is also easy-to-use, remains cohesive with your branding, and is guaranteed to fit your customer needs. Better check your website now to see if its design still attracts your customers at first glance.

What is Web Development?

Meanwhile, web development is all about the nitty-gritty that makes websites work appropriately. These normally involve various mechanisms and frameworks developers use to ensure that your site is up and running. It is also when you hear them talk about the complexity of web development with java programs and the likes.

It is also worth noting that there are two experts in the field of web development – the front-end and back-end developers. Front-end developers are those who write the codes to make the display of your site just as you envision it. Whereas back-end programmers handle your database that should be present on your page’s front-end.

Web developers usually work hand-in-hand with web designers since all their updates are dependent on the visual aspects you want to see on your site. So, best to work with both if you want a flawless and trouble-free website for your business.

Web Design vs Web Development

Anyone can surely tell that these two concepts are distinct from one another based on their definitions above. But here are more differences to justify that web design vs web development are indeed dissimilar with each other:

  • Assets vs Codes

It may already be an obvious difference but web designers and web developers vary on the particulars they work on every day. Web designers are used to creating visual assets that are essential to build your appealing website. Meanwhile, web developers are responsible for writing the codes to make these assets work flawlessly.

  • Tools vs Programs

In terms of their work buddies, web designers usually depend on designing tools such as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to create layouts, design mock-ups, and improve images for your website. Then web developers will translate these layouts and mock-up ideas into codes using web development programs such as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript before they can add them as functional features in your site.

  • Aesthetics vs Functionality

This may sound repetitive but web designers focus on the aesthetics of your page, while web developers are for the functionality of its features. You only need to look for experienced designers with credible portfolios and developers with web development background in java for your guaranteed responsive web page in no time.

  • Low-Budget vs High-Priced

Lastly, most web designers today are paid less compared with web developers. It may be because of the countless training courses the latter must attend to (and spend for) hone their knowledge and skills about web development. Nonetheless, both professions pay better compared with other careers out there.

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