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Free Software Development Courses for Starting Developers

Learning software development methodologies is already challenging for most programmers nowadays. It can even be more demanding if it’s your first time to deal with such technical topics as a newbie developer. Some may resort to attending paid classes that will teach them the basics of programming in no time.

But if you’re short of budget, worry no more since here are some of the free software development courses you can take as a newcomer in the field:

Free Guides and Courses by FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp has built its name as a one-stop-shop for starting web developers who want to learn the basics of the software development process. Expect to see an array of free learning courses that can teach about front-end and back-end coding. You can also explore topics discussing Scientific Computing and Quality Assurance within their library.

First-time developers must not miss FreeCodeCamp’s offer to build your professional portfolio through various projects and activities you may find in their platform

Web Development by Code Academy

Aside from learning the process of software development, Code Academy’s Web Development course also teaches you how to create and design your own website using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS programs. This free course will also guide you through back-end processes to complete your web page just like how you envisioned it.

Heads up for beginners! It may be overwhelming for some since there are a number of lessons offered in this software development subject. Better prepare yourself with a ton of dedication and patience if you want to finish each of these course learnings efficiently.

Introduction to Web Design and Development by LinkedIn Learning

But for quick learners out there, LinkedIn Learning free crash courses are the best ones for you to try! These short classes will teach you the basics of software development and its methodology within several hours. You may even get to design a website after a day of learning through their offered subjects.

Another good thing about finishing their web design courses is that you can mention about it in your LinkedIn profile and attract more potential employers with your free software development knowledge. That’s surely hitting two birds with just one stone!

Master the Basics of HTML5 and CSS3: Beginner Web Development by Udemy 

Do you have an extra 3 hours to study more about the methodologies in software development? Then you can try Udemy’s Master the Basics of HTML5 and CSS3: Beginner Web Development course to learn HTML and CSS coding during your spare time.

This 3-hour long masterclass will guide you through creating and editing your websites using the said programs. You may also combine these newly-learned skills with other programming languages to move forward with your web development and designing career.

Progressive Web Apps Training by Google

Google’s Progressive Web Apps Training course is perfect for starting software developers who already have basic knowledge with HTML and CSS programs. This free session will show you how to improve your web pages into online applications with advanced features. You may also apply your new learnings to develop user-friendly interfaces for your site.

CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science by edX and Harvard University

The team-up of edX and Harvard University for CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science will also benefit budding software developers like you. This course lets you explore different coding concepts and languages to help you with your web development learnings. They also offer practical sessions for you to excel with their classes.

CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science will only take much of your time since it’s a 12-week course teaching you various software development topics and methodologies. But don’t worry since these new learnings can be great credentials for your portfolio.

CSS Masterclass by SkillShare

Lastly, if you want to pursue a career in CSS, then SkillShare’s CSS Masterclass is a perfect fit for you! Learn from their library of video tutorials that will give you a glimpse on the day-to-day tasks of a CSS expert. Don’t forget to take their course quizzes to test your knowledge on creating animations and responsive web pages.

Lightweight Solutions also offer free software development courses for beginners and advanced programmers in the field. Follow us on our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) for the next schedules of our workshop and bootcamp sessions.

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