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6 Must Learn Web Development Languages this 2023

Are you still undecided which language for web development should you focus on this new year? Well, you do have a lot of options to choose from that may help you excel with website programming and designing. But here are some of the most popular ones that can give you a jumpstart on your dreams to be a skilled web developer this 2023.


Let’s begin with one of the most sought-after web development languages today – Python. You may have already heard about it from experienced developers, but this open-source language is also perfect for beginners who are looking for a quick yet efficient way to learn the basics of programming. It’s also a plus that its functions are easy to use and understand.

Why should you learn this language?

Python currently supports a number of systems and platforms today. That’s why you must utilize it to improve your productivity and skills if you’re a web development intern. It also offers an array of support libraries that can help you understand more of this multi-purpose web language.

Why should you avoid this language?

The only downside that you must avoid with this powerful language is that it still uses an old-fashioned database. It may look like a bit underwhelming for some programmers, but Python can still be your top pick if you’re just learning the ropes of web development. Moreover, consider other languages if you’re advancing to mobile computing.


But if you’re still pushing with mobile development, then Java should be on your top picks of web programming languages to learn. This independent OOP platform is primarily used to develop Android applications, as well as desktop-based ones. It is also known for its stability making it one of the most trusted languages of various companies today.

Why should you learn this language?

Java for web development is known for its topnotch security features through the implementation of its security manager functions. It also provides you multiple APIs to help you accomplish programming tasks not limited to XML parsing, networking, database connection, and even utilities.

Why should you avoid this language?

Learning Java may only limit you into developing high quality data structures since it lacks templates you can readily-use in your system. You may also complain about its slower processes compared with other known web development languages in the market. Also, prepare some funds if you want to maximize its memory management feature in the long run.


If you’re a budding front-end developer that wants to create user-friendly and interactive front-end designs, then you’ll surely benefit from learning JavaScript. Long-term programmers have been using this web development language that could run in mobile devices, websites, servers, cloud, and even microcontrollers.

Why should you learn this language?

JavaScript is known for its easy integration and implementation procedures with other programming languages. The program runs smoothly on web browsers without any compilation requirements. It will also help you distinguish the difference between web development vs web design since it has an efficient community support to begin with.

Why should you avoid this language?

However, using multiplier browsers may result in false interpretations of your JavaScript codes. That’s why it’s important to note that you should avoid multiple inheritances if you want to run your program problem-free. Besides, you can always make use of its existing functions and still produce your wanted front-end web designs.


Another language that you must learn this 2023 is the updated AngularJS version from Google – the Angular. Most programmers consider it as one of the most practical options in improving your front-end features. It provides you with highly-capable applications and visual designs through Angular’s simplified web development functions.

Why should you learn this language?

As previously mentioned, Angular can be your go-to web development program if you want to build your web pages with minimum coding requirements. It can also improve your server’s overall performance making your website applications more interactive and more responsive.

Why should you avoid this language?

It may only be difficult for first-time web development learners to understand Angular right from scratch. You should invest some time to learn the basics and somehow familiarize yourself on how its “simplified” features work. You may also need to step back a little if you’re clueless with Model-View-Controller (MVC) and other similar functions.


PHP also stands out from the rest of web development languages you must learn if you’re after back-end support. Developers and programmers use this open-source platform to create server-side applications within multiple systems – Windows, Mac, and UNIX. One of the most prominent PHP-developed apps we have today is Facebook.

Why should you learn this language?

Web page developers usually choose PHP since it’s easy-to-use and it offers a lot of frameworks to choose from. It also supports various automation systems that are perfect for your application testing and deployment. You’re also guaranteed with worry-free debugging functions through its offered Xdebug extension.

Why should you avoid this language?

It may only be a challenge if you solely rely on PHP for your long-term web development plans. You should also be careful with its lacking error handling functions and security features that may result in your unsecured websites.


React, also known as ReactJS, is a popular JavaScript framework developed by Facebook that uses dynamic elements and capabilities. Programmers use this platform to create user interfaces since they can readily divide web pages into manageable components. Websites also prefer this language for their users’ flawless web browsing experience.

Why should you learn this language?

Choose React if you want to ensure a productive and efficient update on your website. It has a range of web development tools that will guarantee you with a stable coding process and faster rendering time. You may also get to enjoy its SEO-friendly features that can help further improve your site.

Why should you avoid this language?

It’s only advisable to expect poor documentation processes whenever you choose to learn React. Best to consult web development experts from Lightweight Solutions for other language options you may consider for your website upgrade.

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