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How we help a leading agricultural company increase their ROI in just 3 days using eRaffle management- Case Study


A leading global agricultural company that focuses on giving farmers an access to sustainable crop protection technology and innovative seed varieties contacted us to create an Electronic Raffle (eRaffle) Microsite to manage their yearly Raffle Entry Promotion.


Transitioning from old-school type or raffle to digital eRaffle promotion

The client wanted this digital platform to automate and replace the manual print out forms in collecting the raffle entries.

The objective of this project is to create a smart and simple user-friendly microsite where the target audience can easily upload and submit their entries. It will be the first time that the client will run an E-Raffle Promo.

The team also needed to manage in helping the client to promote and conduct strategies to reach their audience, which are farmers, ages 35-60 living in rural areas with little to no internet connection and mobile signal.


Combining human connection and technology

We offered eRaffle Management Software & Solutions service for faster raffle entry validation and more organized documentation. We came up with a strategy of combining human connection and technology:

• Created an eRaffle software

• Prepared everything from start to finish

• Strategically planned the brand communications

• Tied up with distribution partners 

• Anticipate the possible challenges along the way

Actions and Results

During the eRaffle promo we did the following:

eRaffle Strategy

With our extensive list of services and projects delivered, we have developed, tested and delivered a software solution to meet the business objectives. The result, in just 3 days after the launch of their e-Raffle, has shown that they accumulated Php 1.1 Million total amount purchased with a total number of 129 entries. Moreover, at the end of the eRaffle Draw which was 5 months in duration, they accumulated a total of Php 229 Million purchase with a total number of 9,661 entries.


To make our client’s eRaffle promo a success, we assign project managers to handle the clients’ eRaffle promos efficiently and to maximize the engagement and returns with our eRaffle Management Solutions. They coordinate with software developers, designers, and marketing experts to cover microsite development, mechanics improvements, automated draws, verification of winners, and prize distribution. We do this so you can put more focus on your business goals.

If you’d like to start seeing similar results and get an amazing ROI, then you would want to get this opportunity, so book a schedule right away.

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