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Know the Difference: UI vs UX Design for Beginners

It may sound surprising at first, but a number of computer users today still think that UI and UX design have only one meaning and function the same. You too might believe on this assumption if you’re clueless of both ideas at all. So, better continue reading through this complete beginner’s guide to end this misconception about UI and UX design.

The Definition

Always begin with the most obvious fact that UI and UX are two different terms – as obvious as their varying abbreviations. UI design refers to “user interface design” while UX design stands for “user experience design.” But for a more technical explanation to answer what is the difference between UI and UX design:

• UI design is all about how designers work on the interactive visual elements you normally see in different web pages.

• UX design covers the entire digital experience of web users as soon as they click on several buttons and products in a website.

Simply put it like this: UI design covers website features like typography, themes, color options, images, and how your page buttons should look to make your site more responsive. As for UX design, it focuses more on the user’s overall experience after using all these features. 

The Designers

Aside from knowing the main difference of UI and UX design through their definitions, you can also check on the profiles of the people behind these tech concepts – the designers – to differentiate one from another.

Start off with UI designers, also known as the visual experts, who are known for their web designing skills. They create those interactive buttons and icons that you usually see every time you visit a website. You may also spot their works-of-art on those creative animations that bring life to almost any web page nowadays.

They also decide on the best color palettes and typography style to use on your website. Experienced UI designers also provide detailed visual style guides for you to see how they envision your page will look like. You might even be surprised that your site will be more responsive after their recommendations.

On the other hand, UX designers are more after your experience after clicking with these website buttons, icons, and animations. They normally do usability tests to make sure that these features work properly and efficiently. Moreover, they perform in-depth user research to know the preferences of your site visitors firsthand.

The Skills

These designers also vary in the skills they must possess before they can even begin with any web development project. You might argue that some of their expertise are essentially similar with each other. But they are indeed different in terms of how they should apply their UI and UX design course learnings on their day-to-day tasks.

• Adaptability vs. Curiosity

It is believed that UI experts should be adaptable on the condition of the website they’re working on. This involves their skill to adjust their web updates depending on your current page condition and requirements. They also consider your site visitors and modify your web page features  based on their online behaviors.

Meanwhile, UX designers are considered the curious ones since they never stop on finding the best online solutions available today. They also continuously study the profile of your page visitors to provide them exceptional site updates for their seamless web experience.

• Creativity vs. Critical Thinking

As mentioned, the difference between UI and UX design experts is that the former is more creative since they focus more on the features your site visitors immediately see on your page. Whereas, UX designers are known to critical thinkers since they have to place themselves in the shoes of your website visitors to know more of their online liking and preferences.

• Visual Branding vs. User Analysis

UI and UX designers also differ on where they focus more when it comes to improving your website. UI experts usually give importance to your page’s visual branding features which include its interface theme, color palettes, and icon designs. They also look into your typography to ensure all your on-display contents are readable and appealing.

But if you want to know more of your website visitors, then you can depend on UX designers. Their web developments are normally based on your page users’ behaviors and interests. They determine these add-ons after thorough analyses and research-backed studies.

But regardless of all their differences, both tech ideas are essential for any web development project. Experienced website designers from Lightweight Solutions also believe that UI and UX design work hand-in-hand to guarantee your responsive web page in no time!

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