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5 Amazing Facts Why Web Development is Important

Why should you learn the basic language for web development? Is it to revamp your business page and expand your reach within several weeks? Or you just want to improve your current skill set and try better opportunities with designing websites?

Regardless of your end goal, there are many reasons why understanding web development is important today. You may even be amazed with the following facts telling you to start with your learning plans now and apply your newly-acquired expertise in web design as soon as possible

Fact # 1: Scanners Over Readers

In a Nielsen Norman Group research, 79% of their test participants just scanned the website presented to them. Out of these web page scanners, only 16% read through its contents – word by word. This only means that most online users nowadays do not read those lengthy texts on your website unless they’re interesting right from the get go.

That’s why web development companies prioritize these elements to ensure that your online visitors will stay for long. These include headers, sub-headings, text copies, and even bulleted lists found on your website. They may even check hypertext links within your site to confirm whether they’re leading your readers to the correct outbound pages or not.

Always remember, less is more! So, start rewriting those wordy paragraphs if you don’t want to see more scanners than readers on your website. 

Fact # 2: Websites Just Last 3 Years or Less

If your website is over three years of age, then you better start searching for “web development professionals near me” in your web browser for your much-needed update. It just doesn’t tell you that your site is old, but its features may also be outdated. Worst is that you’re already losing valuable customers as soon as they see your out-of-style landing page.

Never wait for your website to suffer from these consequences and secure your web development plan right away! Update your current site technologies to emerging ones that might bring you more online visitors soon. You may never know, those AI and Blockchain upgrades are worth your spending.

Just like what they say, “the only constant thing in life is change.” Update your website now!

Fact # 3: First Impressions Really Matter

Did you know that it only takes less than a second (0.9 seconds to be exact) for web users to assess your website? That’s why it’s always important to create the best first impression to those who visit your site. But how should you go about it if you’re clueless on what to look for in your landing page to begin with?

Most web development boot camps highlight the importance of the following landing page features that will secure your site visitors within the initial 0.9 seconds of their visit:

Customize your landing page based on your visitors’ profiles and interests to make them stay longer on your site.

Fact # 4: Two-Thirds of Web Users are on Mobile

No one can deny that mobile phones are now the most used web-surfing medium. You may even be one of them who spends a chunk of their time on different handheld devices for their daily dose of internet browsing. Thus, making smartphone users the largest group (at least two-thirds) of web users today.

Make the most of this interesting statistic and work with web development companies for your mobile-friendly website. It would be great if they can assure you that your page is compatible with various smartphones in the market. Best if they also make your site available 24/7 for your visitors’ round-the-clock online access.

Fact # 5: Don’t Forget the Source Codes

Are you familiar with source codes? Basically, these are HTML elements that search engines like Google usually read about your website. They use these codes to determine your site’s web search ranking – depending on your SEO score and relevance.

If it sounds complicated for you, then book an appointment with web design experts like Lightweight Solutions that can guarantee you with an SEO-friendly website in no time! Our team can help you with your structured header and data tags, as well as your optimized meta description and title tags, for your better SEO rankings.

Want to improve your web development salary? Join us in workshop sessions soon! Follow us on our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) for more updates.

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