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4 Benefits of Attending LWS Laravel Workshop

Are you still having difficulties looking for web development workshops about Laravel? Well, you can never blame yourself since it’s hard to find one here in the Philippines. Worse is that you might have missed our free two-day Laravel Workshop recently.

Tough luck! So, better book your future workshop slots as early as now if you don’t want to miss another chance on getting the following advantages of learning the Laravel framework today:

Efficient Workspace

Let’s begin with the most known benefit of having the best Laravel framework and PHP-based web skills – an efficient workspace. These include inbuilt mechanisms that will allow you to handle multiple end-to-end logs simultaneously. You should also expect to easily handle exceptions and configuration errors if you have the entire process in place.

What you’ll learn from our workshop experts?

Start your first day with the basics of HTML and Views & Blade Templating Engine from our Laravel experts. This template engine enables you to create user-friendly HTML-based designs perfect for web interface usability.

Seamless URL Routing

Another advantage you wouldn’t miss once you have that Laravel framework tutorial on schedule is your hassle-free URL routing. It ensures users a seamless navigation experience through your web or application pages. That only means lesser complaints about blank URL redirections!

What you’ll learn from our workshop experts?

Learn how to work with your route list using the Artisan command which can provide you with a quick overview of all the available routes within your interface. You’ll also get a grasp on creating routes for CRUD operation and REST methods.

Simplified Task Management

Did you know that Laravel supports the Model-View-Controller or MVC structure? This controller allows anyone from your team to fix bugs or add new web features without disrupting your workflow. That’s a great feature to consider if you want to simplify all tasks between your UI/UX designers and developers.

What you’ll learn from our workshop experts?

Lightweight Solutions Laravel framework workshops allow you to create a controller structure and its functions on your own. Get to consider its response rate and overall functionality before applying it to your route list.

Secured Framework

Lastly, you can manage critical security threats like forgery requests, SQL injection, or cross-site scripting with Laravel. You also don’t need to worry about your developer’s code since your framework is already secured. More than that, you can fix technical issues and vulnerabilities before you even deploy them online.

What you’ll learn from our workshop experts?

Get to know more about the basics of MySQL and Eloquent for creating a secure framework. Apply these learnings to build an efficient PHP-based website, just like what our workshop attendees did on our recent two-day Laravel training where they also  learned the valuable basics of Laravel programming, Hack-a-thon, and Q and A.

Are you ready to Larvel-Up with us in the future? Follow our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) to get updates on our upcoming workshops. Enjoy free face-to-face and online sessions if you don’t miss them again!

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