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6 Free Web Development Courses for Newbies

Whether you’re doing it full time or just for a side hustle, web development is one of the most ideal fields to explore in 2023. Aside from high-paying career opportunities, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics even considered it as a fast-growing industry that could generate a number of jobs until 2030. There’s no doubt that this might be the right track for you!

It may only be a challenge if you have limited resources to begin with. One of these is the budget to jumpstart your web development learning if you’ll choose to enroll with costly coding bootcamps. But why spend for one if you can always have the best things in life for free?

Here are six free programming beginner courses that may help you land a great career with a web development company anytime soon:


Let’s begin with a series of how-to lessons from Codeacademy that help beginners build their web development portfolios for free. Learn the basics of front-end coding like Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) from their in-browser classes. You can also take the challenge and move to the back-end environment with their Python and Ruby on Rails programs.

Pro tip! Always start with the basics of CSS and HTML programming before jumping into advanced coding tutorials offered by Codeacademy.


Next in line would be the basics of JavaScript from Udemy. Learn the front-end language of Javascript that you can use with web development jobs in the industry. These include free courses that will guide you through HTML interaction, logic looping, conditional writing, object creation, and JavaScript debugging.

Did you know that those (sometimes annoying) pop-ups you see on websites are created using JavaScript? Maybe you’ll have a future on creating them with your newly-acquired skills!

Khan Academy

Are you more of an audio and/or video learner? Then these free web development courses from Khan Academy are the perfect ones for you. Choose from a variety of tutorial recordings from programming experts now available online. You can begin with guided narrations about Structured Query Language or SQL that is essential for your coding journey.

Never miss the introduction video series about animation that will teach you the basics of drawing using JavaScript.

HTML5 Rocks

But for readers out there, Google also created its own programming and coding courses through HTML5 Rocks. These include different articles that guide beginners on the basics of web development. Freelance and professional developers also access their library to better understand the field.

Give CSS Shapes via HTML5 Rocks a try if you want a more advanced approach to CSS. You may never know, you might get a free CSS crash course with their available online learning modules.

Coding Dojo

Programming algorithms may sound intimidating at first, but it is also a must-learn for web development beginners. That’s why you shouldn’t miss this free algorithm class from Coding Dojo. Get warped into their immersive dojo that will train you with different web development skills virtually!

Be ready to put your web development knowledge to test by solving various challenges online. You need to complete each level to face your Coding Dojo instructor that will give you more program algorithm tips and learnings.


It would also be great to learn from reputable universities across the world if you want to know more about web development. Good thing that Coursera is offering free programming courses for newbies from these institutions. Moreover, they also offer certificates as proof that you finish their online classes.

Choose from a variety of software development courses offered by prestigious universities like University of Washington, University of Michigan, Princeton University, Stanford University, and many more. You may only need to check if their timeline fits your schedule before attending any of their offered programs.

Are you ready to start with any of these web development beginner courses? Better do it now and make the most out of their free offers. Just a heads up though. You may need to prepare some extra cash if you want to access more of their paid course modules.

Better yet, follow Lightweight Solutions’ social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) to get updates on our regular free web development workshops. Let our experts guide you through your chosen career via face-to-face or online learning without any charge!

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