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5 Tech PH Influencers to Follow this 2023

Are you one of those who do a quick web search for expert reviews before buying any device or gadget? Well, you’re not alone since most Filipinos also do it just to make sure of their quality purchase. Some even look for online tech influencers who do unboxing videos and performance tests for some added assurance.

It may only be a challenge to find a reliable influencer that you can depend on with your upcoming upgrade. You might even get overwhelmed by the number of content creators – together with their varying opinions – you can choose from today.

Good thing that we have curated a list of some of the best tech influencers to follow in the Philippines. Keep on reading through this article to know more about them and their digital contents before shopping for your newest gadget.

Unbox Diaries

If you’re a certified tech junkie, then you’ve probably heard about Vince Domingo and his YouTube channel – Unbox Diaries. He is known for his witty yet credible reviews on the latest laptops, smartphones, and even game consoles. He also publishes a detailed list of the best and worst buys in the market.

Look for his comparison video uploads to get a comprehensive analysis on other gadget options you may consider purchasing. You may also search for his unboxing episodes to know more of your wanted device and what you should expect from it.

Sulit Tech Reviews

Another top tech influencer in the Philippines you need to follow today is Sulit Tech Reviews. Aside from their detailed reviews on different digital brands, they also live up to their channel name and give their truthful opinions whether their featured gadget is worth it or not. Use this to your advantage and make the most out of your hard-earned budget.

Sulit Tech Reviews also do how-to contents on various laptops, smartphones, and tablets. You should only expect mostly tutorial videos about Android-powered devices since they focus more on those in their channel.

Mary Bautista

Don’t forget about Mary Bautista and her honest reviews on some of the trendy gadgets on sale. These include laptops, smartphones, cameras, keyboards, and other essential digital accessories. She also features Apple products if you’re looking for higher tier upgrade options.

Just like other tech influencers, Mary also produces first impression videos for her channel followers. Find time to watch these contents to know more of her firsthand experiences on the latest technologies available today. Besides, wouldn’t it be great to have an idea on how your desired device works before purchasing them, right?

Isa Does Tech

If you’re more fond of watching TikTok reels, then you must drop by Isa Rodriguez’s account – Isa Does Tech – for more tech content. She usually does unboxing clips of known smartphone brands in the global market. You will also find gadget tests on her profile that will surely help you find the perfect mobile phone you need.

Isa also assures that her uploaded videos are more conversational for her followers to enjoy. So, better start following her now if you don’t understand those technical terms and jargons to begin with.

Tech Builder

As his channel name suggests, Angel Casimiro, features do-it-yourself (DIY) videos where he builds tech devices from scratch. Some of his notable projects are his DIY smartphone steering wheel, DIY camera dolly, and DIY workspace which is voice-activated. He even built a DIY stove for those who plan to customize their home upgrades.

Tech Builder is considered as one of the best tech influencers in the Philippines since he shares his engineering skills to all his online followers for free! Yes, that’s free tech knowledge just by watching his tutorial videos.

But if you still can’t decide on who to follow, you may begin with Lightweight Solutions to catch some of the latest digital news and trends! We also host workshops with industry experts that are perfect for your tech needs. Follow us in our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) to get updates on our upcoming events.

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