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Must-Learn Software Development Tools for 2023

Are you planning to learn software development this 2023? Well, it’s a great choice if you want to make the most of your new year with a new set of skills! But if you’re too overwhelmed with a lot of computer programs and tools available in the market, then keep on reading through this article for our top picks to jumpstart your programming learning today.


Let’s start with one of the most favored tools of software developers – Azure. This tool supports various programming languages, operating systems, and computer frameworks perfect for any budding programmer. You can also use this tool to manage your applications since it is specifically developed for cloud environments.

Azure can also work towards your advantage if you combine it with the proper web app skills and principles. Use it to identify and mitigate risks that may pose problems in your systems. You can also build, deploy and manage applications from the get go.

It may only sound overwhelming to learn all these functionalities at once. So, it’s best to request some expert assistance if you’re a first-time developer. Besides, many advanced programmers are also getting swamped with these exciting Azure features to explore on.


Jira is a great tool for you to learn If you’re looking for an agile software development program that can support your complex methodologies. Use it to manage your systems especially on tracking and dealing with bugs that may affect your work efficiency. Don’t forget about their ticket filtering system to find these bugging issues quickly.

Jira highlights its easy-to-use and modern-looking UI design that may excite new learners like you! It also has advanced reporting tools that may ease up your workload and give you more time to learn other software development programs.

Again, it may sound like another overwhelming tool to learn for a new year with its different customization features and capabilities. But with the right programming knowledge and skills, any starter can get a hold of it. You may never know, Jira can be your go-to tool to make your software systems more manageable.


How does software development tools work for first timers? Then try GitHub to learn the ups and downs of programming straight from experienced developers in the industry. This cloud-based program allows you to manage different software projects using its various functions and system features.

It is also known for its reliable community support that allows new developers to publicly share their fresh codes and hear insights from other GitHub programmers. But setting permissions and roles on your projects may not be that advanced compared with other programming tools available nowadays.


If you’re looking for a low-code software tool to try out this 2023, then you should go with Linx. This platform aims to reduce program development expenses and timeline in different organizations with its pre-built cloud solutions. You can even create APIs and be able to host them if you already have a grasp on its systems.

This software development tool also has life cycle management features that are essential for our product integrations and automations. You can also make the most out of its ready-made plugins that can help you with your website and mobile upgrades. Moreover, these are drag and drop functions that are ideal for beginners.

It may only be difficult to configure Linx to your existing systems if you’re totally clueless on how it works. You might even hold back into learning this programming tool if you find out about its pricey tag compared with other known software programs in the market.


On the other hand, learn the basics of Atom if you’re after multiple third-party integrations and advanced system customization features. It also supports some of the most-sought development frameworks and languages today. No wonder that most developers choose this integrated programming platform!

One of its highlight features is that it enables teams to collaborate on their projects within a single work pane. It means that you can share ideas with your teammate while you’re both working on Atom’s user-friendly interface. You can even split your board into different screens to compare your outputs more efficiently.

Some users only notice that the program becomes slow once it extends its functions with several add-ons. You must consider this especially if you’re working on huge software development projects to begin with.


Both newcomers and experienced developers can benefit from Codenvy and its cloud deployment features. Start learning its programming process if you want to acquire more skills in editing, running, and debugging codes for your system. It also allows collaborative workspaces if you like to work on teams.

Aside from team collaborations, Codenvy also allows you to integrate your system with other software development tools like Jira and Jenkins. It also supports different programming languages that are important for your project integrations. You may only need a stable internet bandwidth since it has reports of lagging significantly while working on a weak connection.

There are a lot of programming tools to choose from other than our top picks. But if you want to guarantee your knowledge on the basic methodology for software development, then you should learn with the experts from Lightweight Solutions! We also host free workshops perfect for those who want to upskill on their chosen industries.

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