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Top 6 Tech Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

No one can deny that the future now looks brighter for most of us after the COVID-19 crisis. Businesses are re-opening, economies are booming, and everyone’s back with their pre-pandemic lives. Our digital society is even on a roll with these top 6 tech trends you need to watch out for in 2023.

Get More Automated with AI

Let’s begin with the most talked about tech trend for the past few years – Artificial Intelligence (AI). Expect to see more AI infrastructures in corporate organizations, retail industries, and even in your daily activities. Better be ready to experience more contactless shopping services near you!

Most businesses will also use these AI-enabled systems to manage complex processes within organizations. These involve automated machines working alongside real-life personnel to complete day-to-day tasks more efficiently.

Make Use of Cryptocurrencies

Have you heard about Bitcoins and Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)? If you haven’t, then you should start learning more about blockchain technology and how these decentralized products are one of the top tech trends in 2023.

For starters, this technology decentralizes and encrypts your stored data using blockchain systems. This will not just secure your sensitive information, but it will also allow you to access them in your own ways – just like how bitcoins and NFTs work today.

So, should we expect more digital goods and services purchased using cryptocurrencies? That’s for sure!

Welcome to the Metaverse

If you’re familiar with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), then expect to see more advancements on these technologies through the Metaverse. These are immersive platforms where enterprises can augment their working environment virtually. Employees can freely discuss ideas, brainstorm projects, and work as a group in front of their electronic devices conveniently.

Furthermore, avatar technology – which creates your digital image in the metaverse – will also get more improvements this year. Get to see your avatars move and interact almost exactly like you as this IT tech trend continues to develop in the coming months.

Lightning Speed Computing with Quantum

Imagine working on computers that are operating trillion times faster than most modern-day systems. Wouldn’t that be great for a year-starter? Good thing quantum computing will advance through 2023.

However, different tech trend reviews today still warn about the potential threat of quantum technology in our current computing practices. These include risks that may disrupt security systems and encryption processes of other countries catching up with these developments.

Nature Editing is the New Thing

Gene editing will also be a trend that you must prepare for in 2023. This cutting-edge technology will give professionals the ability to alter nature by editing their DNA. These include plants, animals, and even humans with genetic problems that need to be corrected scientifically.

If you’re not settled with the editing part, then you can try creating new sets of DNA with nanotechnology. This advancement will now allow you to generate unique features such as self-healing abilities and water resistance on your target host. That’s indeed mindblowing advancements in store for us!

Go Greener this New Year

More than anything else, efforts to save our environment from the effects of climate change will continue this year with green technology. Begin with green hydrogen which produces almost zero to none carbon emissions to the environment. Huge companies are even working on green pipelines to make this eco-friendly energy source readily available in the market soon.

Development of decentralized power grids all over the world will also progress with the help of these greener technological upgrades. These will replace our current energy systems that are mostly operational with the use of carbon-emitting by-products. Thus, mitigating the negative impact of greenhouse gas to our environment.

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